Artist Biography

Born in Singapore, Skye Lim Zhi Yu actively practices both design and fine arts, experimenting with colours and natural materials. She believes that an element of experimentation and fun is pivotal in art-making, especially in this climate of excessive stress and fast-paced lifestyle in Singapore, as well as all over the world.

She is fascinated by how vastly contrasting emotions can be instilled through alternating combinations of material and colour. Hence, a variety of material usage and experimentation is evident in her artworks.

Her designs have been showcased on the front page of South China Morning Post in Hong Kong (Sept 2021), Impulse magazine in Germany (Aug 2021) and on Channel 8 and 5 in Singapore (16th Jul- 15th Aug 2021).

In her recent practice, she has also begun including the use of ready-mades, creating pieces subscribing to the philosophy of Wabi-sabi.